Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Deke Dickerson and the ecco-fonics Live at Tractor Tavern on 2004-07-31


I'm Gonna Wear Out the Soles of my Shoes
Peroxide Blonde
I Might Not Come Home At All
The Bumblebee Twist

Redheaded Woman

It would be a Doggone Lie
Wild Women
I Gotta Boogie Woogie Feelin' and My Momma Won't Let Me Come Home
The Lovin' Machine
Drink Up and Go Home
Guitar Change and Banter
The Race is On
Right or Wrong
Baby Won't Ya Love Me ?
Coffee Cigarettes and Tea
Let us Rock Tonite ?
Solid Sender ?
Just Go Wild Over Rock and Roll

dont forget to visit Dekes museum of strange cover artwork:

He has also a great collection af armless musicians !

and most obscure:

he produced for us the latest Dig Wayne (Buzz and the Flyers) CD !!!

author: Terence McArdle
I saw Buzz & The Flyers probably around 1979 and more recently saw Dig at the Green Bay Rockin' 50s festival. The instrumentation on this may be neo-rockabilly but the music is all over the map, hook laden and well written. My favorite is the soulful ballad "I Walked Away" which conjures up the resignation of a man who keeps letting love slip through his hands. A great song but only one of 12 great ones. The band cooks throughout especially guitarist Ross. Loved pianist Carl Sonny Leyland's gospel feel on "Wagon Wheel', too and his Joe Hunter touches on "She's Just A Flirt."
author: Louise
Hi, cool tunes. If this mail gets to Dig then I say Hi! I worked front of house on 5 guys for a few years, top show. Hope all is well! L x
author: Juan
The first time when I heard from Dig Wayne was nearly 30 years ago when he played with Buzz Wayne & The Flyers. Since then I´ve been his fan 100%. This new album " Shack Rouser " has included in exciting way so many kind of roots music styles from jazz , blues , country to rockabilly . " Shack Rouser " album is must for everybody who likes the real roots music stuff.
author: Richard K
God day from Halmstad, Sweden! I have been a loyal fan of Joboxers since early 1983. But I also love rockabilly, and have also supported Stray Cats since 1980. I didn´t think that anyone could do a better album than Brian Setzer did with his CD 13, yes his masterpiece from 2006. Now he and the rest of the Cats are touring again. But what a superb album Dig and his bunch have done. I think I am in Memphis because the sound is so real, just awesome stuff. Listen to Devil Red and You will know what I mean. Rockabilly RULES!!!