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Columbia Country Caravan - Audition Show (May 4, 1951)

1) Lefty sings "If You've Got the Money I've Got the Time", and afterwards sings a "special new verse" about the Columbia Country Caravan on CBS.

2) Billy Walker sings "Beautiful Brown Eyes" with some cowboy harmonizing behind him.

3) Leroy Jenkins (obviously not the avant-garde jazz violinist Leroy Jenkins) sings "I'm Crying but Nobody Cares".

4) Toby Toliver does some corn-pone comedy.

5) The Light-Crust Doughboys do an instrumental with fiddle and mandolin breaks (plus atmospheric pedal steel in the background the whole time, except when the steel takes a solo).

6) Lefty comes back and sings "I Want to Be with You Always" (as good as his Columbia studio version!)

7) Ray Price sings Frizell's "If You're Ever Lonely Darlin'"

8) Betty Johnson takes it out with the hymn "An Evening Prayer".

Starday label shots

Starday Hillbilly & Rockabilly #2 - Podcast

More from the popular hillbilly and rockabilly label out of Texas in the 1950s. Visit his blog:


Starday Hillbilly & Rockabilly Part 1-Mystery Train Wreck

Podcast from December 2008--part 1 of a look at the sounds of 1950s Texas--focusing on Rockbilly and Hillbilly from the Starday label


Ask Elvis #30

Donnerstag, 22. April 2010

Wayne Hancock Live at Pickathon - Pendarvis Farm - Galaxy Barn Stage

Wayne Hancock Live at Pickathon - Pendarvis Farm - Galaxy Barn Stage on 2008-08-03

Wayne Hancock
Pickathon Roots Music Festival
Pendarvis Farm
Galaxy Barn Stage
Happy Valley, Oregon

RECORDIST: Stan Orlowski (stano59AThotmailDOTcom)
#1 MBHO603/KA200n ~>Grace Design Lunatec V3~>Sound Devices 744t.
#2 Soundboard~>Sound Devices 744t.
MICROPHONE LOCATION: hung in front of band on stage, DFC, 6 feet high approx, aimed downwards
RECORDED FORMAT: 24 bit, 48 kHz
CONVERSION: Sound Devices 744t~>firewire~>DVD.
EDITING: Samplitude 7.02 (sources mixed to stereo. Approx. 60% mics, 40% board, normalization applied)
DOWNSAMPLE: Soundforge 6.0 (downsampled with anti alias filter and interpolation accuracy on high)
DITHER: Soundforge 6.0 (dithered with IZotope Ozone 3 MBIT+ algorythym plugin with ultra noise shaping and normal dither)
FINAL FORMAT: 16 bit, 44.1 kHz
TRACKING: CDwave 1.93.3
COMPRESSION: Traders Little Helper 2.0.1 flac (level 6)
SBE VERIFICATION: Traders Little Helper 2.0.1

Please do not buy/sell this recording or trade in lossy formats. Thanks.

total time: [81:02]
01 Intro, [0:41]
02 Drive On, [5:24]
03 Louisiana Blues, [7:08]
04 Viper, [3:30]
05 Hoy Hoy Hoy, [4:49]
06 Juke Joint Jumping, [4:08]
07 Thunderstorms And Neon Signs, [5:32]
08 Johnny Law, [6:29]
09 Rootie Tootie, [3:15]
10 California Blues, [6:47]
11 Tulsa, [4:58]
12 Blue Hawaiian Moonlight, [4:44]
13 Draggin' Me Down, [6:15]
14 Blue Suede Shoes, [5:57]
15 87 Southbound, [3:56]
16 Wine SpodieOdie, [7:29]

Comments: The board feed has some distortion here and there due to a monitor onstage. I tried to fix it as best I could.

Wayne Hancock: guitar and vocals
Tony Locke: steel guitar
Izzy Zaidman: guitar
Huck Johnson: bass

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Reno Rodeo 1950s - Wrangler

Bongo Boards !!! 1950s ... sweeeeeeeeeeeeet

1950s hair-dos (or donts)

1955 footage - Los Angeles - Railroad safety


Put your 3D glasses on ... Virginia Bell

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Pan American Original Label

Here comes a very rare labelshot from a US label called Pan American. Today its used for a swiss company with the same name. With fancy artwork and original single dubs it features Rockabilly aswell as Rhythm and Blues stuff from 1955 to 1959. 39 volumes have been released so far. Funded by the Rockabilly Music Association.