Dienstag, 19. Januar 2010

Cat girl Lilly Christine

From Glamour Girls, Steve Sullivan
 Born c. 1928 to Swedish mother and norwegian father in New Orleans; Died in mid 1960's.
Renowed internationally as "The Cat Girl" for her feline charms, this stunning, sultry blonde combined the dance styles of many cultures-the Carribean, Latin America, Africa, and the South Pacific-to forge her own unique brand of exotic dancing; she insisted that her serious artistry was not "stripping," but Lilly's performances bared virtually every inch of her magnificently sculpted 125-pound 37C-22-35 figure.
Performing her classic original routines like the "cat dance," "voodoo dance" and "harem heat," Lilly appeared on stage in a jewel encrusted bikini bra and panties and black net stockings, hurling her long blonde hair back and forth while sensuously weaving across the floor and shredding most of her attire to the hypnotic beat of jungle drums.
After her 1948 debut, Lilly took her act to Broadway in the 1950 Bert Lehr show Burlesque, followed by a featured tole that fall in Mike Todd's Peep Show and the 1956 show Strip For Action.