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ask Elvis 1956 #7

Rayburn Anthony and Jason Lee Wilson in C`haven at the barn

Nertsery Rhymes 1957

Is the gas turbine the engine of the future? 1959

Is the gas turbine the engine of the future? Or is it electric motors, or perhaps jets of air? Here are special reports on these three sources of power, and how they feel behind the wheel.

HOW NEAR ARE GAS-TURBINE passenger cars is a question that pops up regularly. The facts are that turbine-powered cars are a reality today, but the mass application of turbines as a substitute for piston engines for passenger car use may be as little as five years, and as much as 10 years, away,
A second, and probably more important question, is: What are the advantages of the gasoline turbine over the piston engine? There are many:
It is feit that future gas turbines will be able to approximately double the power or torque of a piston engine of the same weight, or put another way, a turbine producing the same horsepower as our present engines would weigh half as much.
Turbines are less selective in fuel requirements and can be made to operate on almost any combustible liquid (unleaded gas, kerosene, jet-engine fuel, or light diesel fuel).
Turbines, because they  have no reciprocating parts such as connecting rods or pistons, are smooth and free of all vibration.
Turbines require only one spark plug or igniter. There is no distributor, no fan belt or many other such items.
Turbines have only about one-fifth as many parts as a piston engine.
Turbines require no cooling water or anti-freeze.
They are more compact in size than an equally powered piston engine.
What are some of the chief problems of turbines that designers must solve before they can be used in passenger cars?

Lessons in love ...

ask Elvis 1956 #6

Billy Lee Riley : his last recording session

Billy Lee Riley with the Bellhops in Holland to record his last session for Rhythm Bomb Records. Photos courtesy of Joyce Riley / The Bellhops.

(2008/RHYTHM BOMB) 14 tracks (46:27) brand new red hot trouble bound flyin' saucer album from outer space (Roermond, Holland). Billy Lee rocks in '08 like in '58 and the superb BELLHOPS provides a solid, oldschool rockin' backbeat. / Billy Lee Riley hat nichts von seinem Charisma und seiner Stimme eingebüßt. Treibender Backbeat, schneidende Gitarren, Standbass und Bluesharp, beigesteuert von den BELLHOPS und Billy's rauhe Stimme ergeben ein perfektes Rock & Roll Album. Sofort bestellen, die Nachbarn warnen und Bier aufmachen!sk THESE ARE BILLY LEE's LAST RECORDINGS. The Rock & Roll and Rockabilly scene lost one of it's REAL last ROCKERS!

I joined a teenage sex club !

more pics from Rosina

Out Of This World XMAS

ask Elvis 1956 #5

Rosina Revelle in late 1950s

Rosina Revelle was a topless British model of the late 1950s.

Born circa 1940 in Warwickshire, England, the daughter of a Maltese shopkeeper, Rosina had appeared in several local beauty contests while still in her early teens. In the late fifties Rosina began posing topless for glamour photographer Russell Gay, who featured her in his magazines like QT (a play on 'cutie'). What little autobiographic detail is known about her is provided by the text that accompanied Gay’s pictorials which claimed Rosina had worked as a ballet dancer, a cinema usherette and a shop assistant (‘she started in sales but they soon put her on display’), elsewhere another magazine has claimed she also worked as a stripper in Soho, performing at the Winston Club and the Nell Gwynne Club. She also used the modeling names Flo Langley and Brigitte La Rue. Gay’s magazines poetically referred to her as “the Aphrodite of this modern age…one of the more beautiful of natures products in Shakespeare’s county…what led her to London, to fame, and to the realization of that fortune with which she had been endowed at birth.” Magazines by Gay, and others, also emphasized Rosina’s resemblance to Brigitte Bardot.

Rosina made her one and only known film appearance in a 8mm glamour home movie entitled “Daddy Likes Em Buxom”. However her career came to abrupt close in 1959, when her parents discovered about her glamour career and forced her to stop modeling.


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1958 solar home ...

1958 ?

ask Elvis 1956 #4

1954 x-mas ad (beer)

1952 x-mas ad (beer)

1953 x-mas ad (beer)

1948 x-mas ad (beer)

Hotrodders Choice

Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash - thanks Kitty !

It is a compilation of energy, power and speed. Different bands (you all can get simple introduction of them in “kind of” applied booklet) with very different styles (old and neo rockabilly, westerng swing, rock’n’roll, spicy mix of everything…) and from different countries (USA, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Greece…) are united for the musical race. All songs, as you probably already have guessed, have the same theme about cool cars, powerful engines, speeding up… and cute chicks - driving hot rods, in short. I think it is funny to make theme compilations, but on the other hand I would not dare to mix old authentic rockabilly with modern bands; though some people might find it amazing. Most of bands and songs will be easy recognizable for you, some might become a nice surprises, some – not so nice ones. It is difficult to justify this album, because one can find lots of advantages in it (like variety of bands, music, recordings of different decades), others will take them as disadvantages. The only thing I would like to conclude – this cd certainly must be in collections of hot rod lovers. I am almost sure, they would enjoy it!

Track List:

Eddy & The Backfires - I Feel Rockin
Hopped Up - Hopped Up
Satellite V - Speed Limit Daddy
Ike And The Capers - Love My Ford
Bones Maki - Tiger In The Tank
Kieron Mc Donald - Dragstrip Girl
Cherry Casino - Hospital Blues
Rayburn Anthony - Cool Cool Car
Doug Wilshire - Long Gone Baby
Roundup Boys - Im On My Way
Cumnerland Runners - Paradise Road
Fireball Steven - Hot Rod Daddy
Ballroom Rockets - Ridin In The Moonlight
Chrome Daddies - Brand New Caddilac
George And The Hustlers - Golden Rocket
Eddy & The Backfires - Hot Rods On Main
Charlie Gracie - Im Movin On
Wailin Elroys - Hot Rod Road
Cumberland Runners - Kentucky Moonshine
Pep Torres - Meter Maid
Roundup Boys - Gonna Find My Car
Satellite V - Hillbilly Nitro
Johnny Law - Whitewall Boogie
Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio - Rock Bop Trio
Wailin Elroys - Studebaker Boogie
Star Mountain Dreamers - Trail Burning
Mystery Gang - Bang Bang Boogie

please support the bands and if you like what you hear buy the full CDs at 

ask Elvis 1956 #3

Milkcow Blues

Drive safe this christmas !

3D beach girl

hope you have your 3d glasses ready !

ask Elvis 1956 #2