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Charlie Gracie: Fabulous ! 1957


Charlie recorded two CDs for Rhythm Bomb Rec. with the Roundup Boys:


Open letter from Jerry Lee Lewis 1958

Cliff Richard - Livin Doll 1959 ad !

Sing Along with Cliff:

Or without ... lyrics ... nice solo Cliff !!!

The preacher meets Rhythm Bomb at the Rockabilly Rave !

Nice interview with lots of cool music from the vaults of Rhythm Bomb Rec. ! Sorry bout my english ...

download it from here !

visit The Preachers website

Gene Vincent Ad 1957

Elvis RCA ad 1956

Ricky Nelson ad 1959

Johnny Cash - Dont take your guns to town ad - 1959

Gene Vincent story

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Brigitte ... clips ...


Back in the 50s again ... Concept Cars !!!


Billy Lee Riley was cool in the 60s too !

even more 80s - Polecats

at least they used a slap bass in the video.

another 80s fave ... I guess you will kill me or stop reading this blog

this is one of my 80s fave along with Polecats, Buzz and the Flyers, Stray Cats. One of my most played LPs at this time ... Dont ya think its a little bit cool ?

Dig Waynes latest CD - produced by Deke Dickerson


Joboxers (feat. Dig Wayne) ... 80s sound but still cool !

Buzz and the flyers - Little Pig

Buzz and the flyers - Boomerang

Fred Turgis interviews Sean Mencher

Honestly, I don't believe that Sean Mencher needs a long introduction as every true rockabilly fans should know him either from his work with High Noon, his productions (The Two Timin' Three, The Gin Palace Jesters, Jessie Lee Miller, Croonin' Kurt...) or his appearances as guest guitarist (Wayne "The Train" Hancock, Dig Wayne...).
This fine guitar player also finds time to lead his own band, The Sean Mencher Combo.

by Fred "Virgil" Turgis

I believe you're from Washington, did Washington artists such as Billy Hancock or Tex Rubinovitz have something to do in your discovery of rockabilly ?
Yes, I was born in Washington DC, and Tex Rubinowitz and The Bad Boys are the first live rockabilly band I saw and, well, pretty much changed my life. I saw Tex perform live at an outdoor free concert series at Fort Reno Park, and man, they were rockin' like crazy and brilliant! I mean Hot Rod Man, Ain't It Wrong, Feelin' Right Tonight! Great songs, and excellent rockabilly music! Also, there was a blues quartet called The NightHawks, who influenced my musical direction a great deal too! A brilliant band who, in my opinion, deserved much greater recognition! Also, others in the area were Robert Gordon, Johnny Seaton, Danny Gatton, Evan Johns, as well as Billy Hancock... and also, all the great bluegrass music, like The Seldom Scene, and the Johnson Mountain Boys. Plus, the brilliant jazz guitarist Charlie Byrd lived in the area. My Dad, who is an excellent piano player, took me to see Charlie Byrd, Barney Kessel, and Herb Ellis, twice!!! We had a ball. Plus, we went to see the greatest, Andres Segovia. We also went to see the greatest, Chet Atkins!!! So, yes, Washington artists, like Tex Rubinowitz did have something to do with my discovery of rockabilly music.

Was there a lot of music around you as a kid? Did members of your family play music?
Yes, my Dad plays piano, and his Mom, my grandmother, played piano, both very, very well. As far as guitar, not really, except that my Dad does play a few chords and some folk songs like "Froggie Went A-Coutin'." However, everyone in my family loves music. My Mom remembers seeing Louis Armstrong in New York City, at The Blue Angel nightclub, and what a brilliant show it was.

Do you remember the first record you bought by yourself?
I actually don't... I remember listening to a lot of Ted Nugent in High School, though. Actually, the first record may have been a Tex Rubinowitz 12" EP on B-Sharp records, that I still have, called Hot Rod Man!

How and when did you start the guitar?
I started on the guitar when I was around 18 years old... my Dad had an old acoustic harmony guitar that my younger brother, Marc, was taking lessons on... and he did not go to a lesson and asked if I wanted to go instead, so I did... and then just kind of kept on going with it.

Which guitarist made the biggest impact on you? Of course, one can hear a lot of Merle Travis and a lot rockabilly/country guitar players in you style. But there's a lot of jazz too like Oscar Moore or Charlie Christian...
Yes, Merle Travis, is the one who has made the biggest impact on me. For several reasons, not only is he a brilliant guitarist, with a whole guitar style named after him "Travis Picking," he was an incredible songwriter. I mean, all you have to do is a little research on him and you realize what a giant he was, creatively. Absolutely brilliant. I could go on and on, however, anyone who is interested can look into the Merle Travis phenomenon on there own. Yes, of course, I love Oscar Moore and Charlie Christian's guitar playing, how can you not?! Brilliant innovators on the instrument. In fact the ending chord in Shaun Young's/High Noon's song "Stranger Things" is an E9b5 chord that I learned off an Oscar Moore recording. Furthermore the riff on Shaun's song "Rocks Me Right" is a variation on the Charlie Christian "A Smooth One" lick! Anyway, you have great ears to pick that influence up!

Let's talk about High Noon now. How did you meet Kevin and Shaun?
I met Shaun Young and Kevin Smith in Austin, Texas on 6th Street in 1988. They were playing in Shaun's Rock-a-billy band called The Shifters, and I was working with a country band called Chaparral. ...and we just got to talking and hanging out through a mutual love of the traditional, true rockabilly music sound. We got together one day and in my garage on Ave. C, and just played for hours, song after song, Sun Sessions, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, etc... just all stuff we knew in common that we had always wanted to realize, but did not have the right musicians, and instruments! After that, we just played as much as we could, anywhere, anytime, all the time... 25 gigs a month in and around Central Texas was not unusual for High Noon, at that time!

Three bands changed the rockabilly as we know it today. Big Sandy, Dave & Deke Combo and High Noon. You proved that with an "authentic" sound rockabilly was a today's thing by writing solid originals. Was it something you wanted to do from the beginning with High Noon?
Yes, I have always been a fan of great songwriting... and I know that Shaun Young, Kevin Smith, and I have always aspired to high quality songwriting, as well as rockin' rhythm, and pickin'!

You made some great recordings with Willie Lewis.Is he easy to work with?
As far as I remember, he was easy to work with.

When the band wen on hiatus, the three of you worked on his own project. Tell us about the Sean Mencher Combo. What kind of style do you play? The Sean Mencher Combo is similar in sound to High Noon at times, however, there are drums, and usually another soloist, like a fiddle or trumpet. The style we play is truly a combination of influences filtered through slap bass, acoustic rhythm guitar, electric thumb-picked lead guitar, fiddle, and drums.

Do you have any release?
We do not have any release yet, however, we are exploring the possibility of recording soon.

During this period you've also played and recorded with Wayne Hancock. He seems to ask a lot from his musicians. Some kind of Bob Wills' attitude like "Look at me or you won't get any solo"
Yes, Wayne Hancock does have that kind of attitude, in that he wants to feel the musical solo as well as hear it, it's not about what you play, so much, as how you play it. With conviction, guts, and pride!!! Wayne is one of the best songwriters I have ever had the pleasure to work with, and a truly one of the greats.

Youre also known for your activity as a producer. Tell us about the band you produced (Jessie Lee Miller, Croonin' Kurt, The Gin Palace Jesters, The Twilight Ranchers etc.)
I am glad that I am known for activity as a producer. I enjoy working with artists/songwriters/bands to help them realize their music in a recording. Let's see, regarding telling you about the bands I produced, I would rather just let the recordings speak for themselves... also, there is probably too much detail to go into to answer this question, as each band is different, with a unique set of circumstances surrounding the recordings I have been involved with.

As a producer what is your point of view about recording on vintage equipment?
My view on vintage equipment is this, I want the recording to sound good to as many people as possible. In other words, I think that Ken Nelson, Capitol Records producer, got excellent sound, and I strive for that sort of sonic quality. I mean I could go on and on... there is a friend of mine in Berlin, Germany, who will not even consider digital cds... he says that as soon as you put the material on cd, it does not matter what you recorded on because it has been converted to digital to reproduce... so, you could record on all this pristine vintage recording equipment and release it on cd and he would argue that it makes no difference because it's not on vinyl! So, I mean, you can go to either extreme, I am sure there are others who record on the computer... all digital, all the time... the way I work is by trusting my heart and and my ears... I focus and listen and try to get the best sound I can for each recording. So far, it has been a combination... usually recording to tape, and then mixing analog, and mastering on computer, and then onto cd. Each situation is different. I remember High Noon released a 78rpm at one point.

Who would you like to produce?
Well, I look forward to Jessie Lee Miller's new recording. Really, I would like to produce whoever thinks they might benefit from my assistance. I always thought it would be cool to record Hank III and Chris Scruggs, together, since they are Nashville country music superstar grandsons.

As we said when High Noon appeared the rockabilly scene was small. Today it seems that not only there are more bands but the level is higher. Did a newcomer recently impress you?
The newcomer that impressed me is the Two Timin' Three!!! Shane, Jeff, and Eric are an excellent rockabilly trio from Austin, Texas, who write and perform in the highest quality. Also, a band from St. Petersburg, Russia, The Neva River Rockets, are top notch!!! Really, there are so many good new bands it's hard to remember and name them all.

What kind of music do you listen at home? What is the last record you bought?
The last cd I bought is Chet Atkins Solo Sessions. I listen to all types of music at home. I listen to Jessie Lee Miller a lot at home, also, The Starline Rhythm Boys (whose new cd Red's Place I produced and will be released June 19th, ). I have also been listening to Deke Dickerson's The Melody. Deke never ceases to entertain, impress, and inspire me to get the guitar out!!! He is awesome. Also, I enjoy Jimmy Sutton's Four Charms new cd, which I will not try to spell out here. Dwight Yoakam's new Blame The Vain is very good. Dwight is fortunate to have such a brilliant bassman, Kevin Smith, in his band now.

You've played with High Noon at the 10th Rockabilly Rave. Another highlight was the more than welcome come-back of Dig Wayne (Buzz & The Flyers) with you on lead guitar. How did you get in touch with him?
Well, I have been a fan of his since I first bought his EP with Buzz and The Flyers. My brother, Marc, located him in Los Angeles to book him at the second Green Bay Rockin' 50s Fest, and I asked if I could play lead guitar for him, and be the band leader, and it worked out well there. Jerry Chatabox was at Green Bay, and asked if we could perform at The Rockabilly Rave too, and of course, we said yes!

It seems he'll record a new album soon. Will you be involved in this project?
Yes, I hope so. I recorded some with him in Berlin, Germany at Lightning Recording Studios with Axel Praefcke as engineer for Ralph and Rhythm Bomb records and hopefully, some of the recordings from those sessions will be chosen as "the takes," however, I do not know at this point in time. Nevertheless, it was a pleasure, and honor to be involved to the degree that I was. Buzz/Dig Wayne is a talented singer/songwriter, and brilliant performer!!!

Talking about projects, what are yours?
Well, there are some upcoming projects, however, I will wait until they are completed before talking about them. Still, keep an eye and ear out for the new Starline Rhythm Boys recording, "Red's Place," and of course, the new Two Timin' Three recording, both due to be released in late June, or early July 2006! Plus, if you have not already, check out Jessie Lee Miller's "Now You're Gonna Be Loved" cd, available now through cd baby!!!

A last word?
Trust your ears, and your heart!!! Thanks and all the best!!! Love, Peace and Hairgrease!!!

America 1958 - automotive, industrial, interior and architectural design

 this is the mother of all 1950s design movies !

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

Ask Elvis #16

Betty Blue movie


Pan Am Flight 1736

Eve was married to Russ Meyer. She died on Sunday, March 27, 1977, in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, cause of death: pan am flight 1736 plane crash.

more Even Meyer in color

How Eve Meyer was changed into Cheesecake - Modern Man


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Cherry Casino - Baby Come Back Live in Turnhout, Belgium

Doug Wilshire and Rayburn Anthony at Lightning Recorders in Berlin

nice little video that shows the work in the Lightning Recording studios. The song was written by Doug and Rayburn in our appartment in Croatia where we visited Karlo (Mississippi Queen). I was co-writer cause I cared for them like a mother, they had always warm beer and cold redwine !!! Actually this is a duett for a boy/girl, but Rayburn and Doug couldnt find a girl in Berlin, so they decided to record it as a boy/boy duett. Boys you better watch this:

I shared my appartment with Doug for a week, and Jason had to share it with Rayburn. If I had known this before ... 

Jason Lee Wilson - Tired Of Being Sorry

Jason Lee Wilson - Great Balls Of Fire, backed up by The Mad Men in Croatia

Doug Wilshire on steel !!!

Hank Williams in Germany photos

Not too many people know that Hank Williams performed in Germany at army bases like Munich, Frankfurt or Berlin.

this is a very rare pic of the inside of Country Hit Parade. I know two people who own the original. It shows Hank on his trip to europe and his visit to Heidelberg.

Hank and Red Foley arriving in Vienna, Austria

Hank in Heidelberg

Hank meets a local farmer in Heidelberg

Hank Williams in Germany

Lovesick Blues / Berlin Germany

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Carl Perkins / Johnny Cash / Collins Kids / Patsy Cline 1957

 Two episodes of "Ranch Party", hosted by Tex Ritter.

1. Carl Perkins ("Blue Suede Shoes", "Your True Love"), Lorrie Collins ("There He Goes"), Ranch Party Gang ("Night Train To Memphis"), Smiley Burnette ("Hominy Grits"), Wes and Marilyn Tuttle ("Hey Good Lookin'"), Tex Ritter ("Children and Fools"), Mac Wiseman ("Wabash Cannonball") and the Collins Kids ("Kaw-liga").

2. Johnny Cash ("I Walk The Line"), Ranch Party Gang ("Blue Tail Fly"), Patsy Cline ("I've Loved and Lost Again"), Les 'Carrot Top' Anderson ("Dimples or the Dumplins"), Joe Maphis and Fiddlin' Kate ("Instrumental Hoedown"), Dorothy Wright ("Just a Closer Walk with Thee"), Bobby Helms ("Long Gone Daddy"), Collins Kids ("Let's Have A Party"), Lorrie Collins ("Young Heart") and the Ranch Party Gang ("Deep In the Heart of Texas").


Elvis - Welcome Home Show (Frank Sinatra 1960)

Frank Sinatra's Welcome Home Party for Elvis Presley (AKA The Frank Sinatra Timex Show).
Broadcast 12th May 1960
Directed by Richard Dunlap

Running Order (From IMDB):
It’s Very Nice (performed by Frank Sinatra)
Frank’s Time Machine (Frank Sinatra and Joey Bishop)
Witchcraft (performed by Frank Sinatra)
Timex promotional segment
Come On Bess (performed by Sammy Davis Jnr.)
Oriental Wedding Celebration
Leona Irwin and the Tommy Hansen Dancers
Sammy Recalls the Oscars (Sammy Davis Jnr.)
Shall We Dance (Sammy Davis Jnr. and Peter Lawford)
Timex promotional segment
Fame and Fortune (performed by Elvis Presley)
Stuck on You (performed by Elvis Presley)
Love Me Tender/Witchcraft medley (performed by Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley)
Timex promotional segment
Love Makes You Feel So Young (performed by Frank and Nancy Sinatra)
Let’s Dance (Nancy Sinatra)
Goodbye (Frank Sinatra)

900 MB !!!! BIIIIIG

Sweet Marti Brom 1993 playable movie

Betty Page again - A must see / hear


Teasarama Trailer - Tempest Storm 1955 - Betty Page


Betty Page got the blues ... and a pair of high heels ...


more from the SIXTIES ...

Sorry about this ... Its a 1950s blog but I couldnt resist those girls !

1960s striptease ...

1960s striptease ...

Striptease in the bathroom

late 50s bathroom striptease .. 


Johnny and the Hurricanes - Garden Twist !


Blondie ...



Mid Sixties Beat Striptease ...

 ok you can turn the volume down, but dont close your eyes !!!!

Marsha Jordan

Betty Page / Party Doll in color


Topless Dancers, 1960s in color

 WOW!!! topless girls dancing (in colour). One girl gets a bit carried away thinking its a tits bouncing contest while the others dance in a more traditional 60s manner. Nice little film that you should enjoy from the late 1960s. Music by Lord Rockinghams 11, featuring Red Price (sax) and Cherry Wainer (electric organ) a big UK hit from 1958


Strip poker !

1960s movie, featuring

My little girl/The Crickets
Good timin/Jimmy Jones
Movin and groovin/Duane Eddy

very nice one !


Perversion for Profit

Already scared ? Not ? Take this !


Duck and cover 1951

ok, you now know all about homosexuals, but whats about atomic bombs ?

download the movie: *************************

Boys Beware ! Educate yourself !

Anti-homosexual film targeted at teenage boys, urging them to avoid encounters with potential molesters. Why did they name the homosexual guy Ralph ?

d********************ownload the movie 

Ask Elvis #15