Montag, 2. August 2010

brand new CD - Rob Ryan

Lets get ready for the second CD from Rob Ryan ! It will be available on august 21th ! Stay tuned at for some sound samples and more news.

Rob Ryan and his Roadshow are back with a bang. This fantastic band deliver the goods like theres no tomorrow. From Americana Rock to Rockabilly and from Bluegrass to Roadhouse Rock  they all handle it with ease. Since Rob Ryan arrived in Europe some good 2 years ago the band went from strength to strenghts with shows and festivals all over the place,to an evergrowing base of Fans. The band consisting of  "King of the strings", Alex Anthony Faide on leadguitar and steel, Tillmann"The Kid" Richter on drums and Ralf Summers on Upright and electric bass, all that topped by Rob s classic and timeless countryvoice. All this make this record here a great journey through roots music deluxe.

We ll nuff said,and now LETS GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD !!!