Freitag, 19. Februar 2010

The Ballroom Rockets - BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ

CD has arrived !!! Looks great !


17 tracks, Digipack 
1. My Search(Hewitt) 2. Buzz Buzz Buzz (Byrd - Dolphin) 3. Want My Baby Back Again (Lieutenant) 4. So Long, I m Gone (Orbison) 5. Farewell (Lieutenant) 6. Tell Me (Burnett) 7. The Walk (McCracklin) 8. Sweet Lullaby (Lieutenant) 9. Ain t That Loving You Baby (Otis - Hunter) 10. The Train With The Rumba Beat (Horton) 11. Cash Is King (Lieutenant) 12. Yonder Comes A Sucker (Reeves) 13. Sick And Tired (Kenner - Bartholomew) 14. Broken Hearted Gipsy (Horton) 15. I Don t Care (Lieutenant) 16. I Want To Love-A You (Jones) 17. Don t The Girls All Get Prettier At Closin Time (Baker-Knight)

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