Mittwoch, 23. Dezember 2009

Hotrodders Choice

Copyrights: Rockabilly Bash - thanks Kitty !

It is a compilation of energy, power and speed. Different bands (you all can get simple introduction of them in “kind of” applied booklet) with very different styles (old and neo rockabilly, westerng swing, rock’n’roll, spicy mix of everything…) and from different countries (USA, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Sweden, Greece…) are united for the musical race. All songs, as you probably already have guessed, have the same theme about cool cars, powerful engines, speeding up… and cute chicks - driving hot rods, in short. I think it is funny to make theme compilations, but on the other hand I would not dare to mix old authentic rockabilly with modern bands; though some people might find it amazing. Most of bands and songs will be easy recognizable for you, some might become a nice surprises, some – not so nice ones. It is difficult to justify this album, because one can find lots of advantages in it (like variety of bands, music, recordings of different decades), others will take them as disadvantages. The only thing I would like to conclude – this cd certainly must be in collections of hot rod lovers. I am almost sure, they would enjoy it!

Track List:

Eddy & The Backfires - I Feel Rockin
Hopped Up - Hopped Up
Satellite V - Speed Limit Daddy
Ike And The Capers - Love My Ford
Bones Maki - Tiger In The Tank
Kieron Mc Donald - Dragstrip Girl
Cherry Casino - Hospital Blues
Rayburn Anthony - Cool Cool Car
Doug Wilshire - Long Gone Baby
Roundup Boys - Im On My Way
Cumnerland Runners - Paradise Road
Fireball Steven - Hot Rod Daddy
Ballroom Rockets - Ridin In The Moonlight
Chrome Daddies - Brand New Caddilac
George And The Hustlers - Golden Rocket
Eddy & The Backfires - Hot Rods On Main
Charlie Gracie - Im Movin On
Wailin Elroys - Hot Rod Road
Cumberland Runners - Kentucky Moonshine
Pep Torres - Meter Maid
Roundup Boys - Gonna Find My Car
Satellite V - Hillbilly Nitro
Johnny Law - Whitewall Boogie
Rusty & The Dragstrip Trio - Rock Bop Trio
Wailin Elroys - Studebaker Boogie
Star Mountain Dreamers - Trail Burning
Mystery Gang - Bang Bang Boogie

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